Melanie Sobocinski FITNESS

Melanie Sobocinski FITNESS

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Veggetti Experience

So I would like to share a little recipe, along with my experience with using the VEGGETTI for the first time ever. I don't usually cook pasta anymore in this house but I am a girl who used to be in love with her lasagna and spaghetti. So I had to find me a way to still get my fix. I put out a post on my Facebook page last week asking about a vegetable sprializer "thingy" and the results came back with a great response to this little veggetti spiralizer. So I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon and bought me one. And now here is my review, along with my recipe for "spaghetti"

YEP, JUST a twist!!

So first let me start out by saying I posted that I would like to find a TOOL to make these noodles that was dishwasher safe, easy to use and would NOT cause me to cuss it out. Well, it had to go through the dishwasher TWICE, it was easy to use, for the most part BUT I did cuss at it. I will definitely use it again and hopefully it will get better each time. The meal itself turned out great so I can't say it was a wasted investment. On a scale of 1 to 10 , with 10 being the highest, I would give the VEGGETTI an 8.
I had a FEW extra "pieces" left over after spiralizing my zucchini so I just cut them up and put them in a container for future use.

NOW, on to my wicked easy recipe.
 I used organic marinara sauce with a can of crushed organic tomatoes. I added some minced garlic and of course some cooked ground beef.

 Once I had my "noodles" I put them in a pot with some olive oil and about a tsp. of minced garlic and sautéed them for about 20 minutes or so. Pretty easy right?

Now, I know this was not a "real" recipe per say BUT I basically wanted to share my review on the VEGGETTI with all of you. One thing I just can't figure out just yet is how to pronounce it. I was talking to someone about it and said the name and I got a funny look. Go ahead, give it a try and see how it sounds. Not sure which syllable to emphasize all I know is, it made us a pretty good meal that is a great alternative to eating noodles. I'm a happy camper I must say.

Friday, November 21, 2014

How many calories do you burn during your workout?

How many calories do I burn during my workout?

I have been getting asked this question a lot so I figured I’d elaborate on it a little more.

People are always asking me how many calories do I think they burn during a specific workout. The answer is, there really is no set answer. You see, calories burned during exercise is influenced by body weight, workout intensity, conditioning level and metabolism.

Your metabolism also depends on many different factors. Your age, how much fat verses muscle you have or whether or not you have any metabolic disorders.

I think it is so hard to really tell how much one person is actually burning during any specific workout. Of course there are charts that may give you a ball park figure of what you are burning. I am sure that there is also a difference in the workouts you do. Is it strength training or is it cardio? That could also be a factor in the caloric burn. Each workout is different and you are using different muscle groups. Are you using your larger muscle groups or the smaller ones? The larger muscle groups (lower/legs) will give you a bigger calorie burn.

Some people use heart rate monitors, which I have used in the past. I have used two different ones and I have gotten completely different results which varied about 200 calories with each device. I’m not saying they are bad, I’m just saying they could give different results. The HRM basically measures calories burned during a cardio workout not so much during a strength training workout. While a heart rate monitor (HRM) can be used to calculate calories burned during aerobic workouts, the relationship between heart rate and calorie expenditure is not the same during a strength training workout, so whatever your heart rate monitor may tell you is likely inflated because it thinks you're doing cardio (not strength training). That's a short explanation for why a HRM isn't a good predictor of calories burned during strength training.

So with that being said all I can suggest is that you stay active and be sure you are fueling your body correctly. This is will get you the best results in your health and fitness goals. Being active is an important part of any weight-loss or weight-maintenance program. When you're active, your body uses more energy (calories). And when you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight.
This chart may give you a ball park figure of what you are burning during  the specific workouts.


Always be sure that you are fueling yourself before AND after your workouts. I say fueling because we are like cars and if not fueled properly we do not run properly, plain and simple. I cannot say that enough. If you do this along with your daily workout routines the rest will fall into place, I promise. For a pre workout, I suggest eating a mix of complex and simple carbs so that the release of energy during your workout is slow and steady throughout your routine. Post workout I suggest eating some lean protein while your body is in recovery.

That all being said, I believe  you shouldn’t worry too much about what you are burning during your workout. I feel as long as you get a good workout in AND you are properly fueling your body, you shouldn’t worry so much about the calorie burn, just know that you are burning more than if you were sitting on the couch and you are doing your body good. If you are not seeing results you would like to see I would definitely revisit how much of what foods you are eating and not so much what you burn during a workout. No matter how much you burn during a workout, you will never be able to out workout a bad diet.