Melanie Sobocinski FITNESS

Melanie Sobocinski FITNESS

Friday, July 31, 2015

Caprese Chicken

Caprese Chicken

Serves 1 Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 10 min

Container Equivalents: (per serving) ½ green, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 tbsp fat

1 (4oz.) Raw Chicken breast: boneless, skinless

1 dash ground black pepper

½ tsp. olive oil

1 serving Calabrese Salad ( pg. 53) disassembled

Fresh Basil for garnish

1.   Season both sides of chicken evenly with pepper.

2.   Heat oil in medium nonstick skillet over medium heat.

3.   Add chicken; cook for 3 to 4 minutes on each side, or until no longer pink in the middle.

4.   Top chicken with slices of tomato and basil leaves from Calabrese Salad. Top with mozzarella slice.

5.   Reduce heat to medium/low; cook covered, for an additional 1 to 2 minutes or until cheese is melted and tomatoes are softened.

6.   Serve with fresh basil leaves

Nutritional Info: (per serving) Calories 288

Total Fat: 13g. Saturated Fat: 4g. Cholesterol: 91mg. Sodium: 719mg. Carbs: 7g. Fiber: 1g. Sugars: 5g. Protein: 32g.

 I added a side of spinach.
I cooked it in a pan with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and seasoned it with garlic powder.
My family loved it and there were no leftovers.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

From a Distance...

So, the picture below is taken from a distance. Believe me when I say it was quite hard to even put it out there for others to see but, I wanted to do it for a specific reason.

See, you all see me from a distance, which is how most of us see each other. You may look at this picture and see something totally different than I do. See, I look at it and see all my flaws, which is why it is so hard to share but, I'm doing it anyway. It's a step outside my comfort zone to say the least.

Me sharing it is me putting myself out there so you can see I am real. I am NOT perfect but, I will NOT talk about what flaws I see in here because YOU may not even notice them. I bet no one else really notices your flaws either.  Did you ever stop to think about that?We need to stop picking ourselves apart and looking at others and wishing we were like them. Be YOU, everyone else is taken.


See, I could sit here and say what I don't like about me in this picture but I will keep that in the background and focus on the positives about myself. They may or may not be physical. Take a look inside yourself and look for the positive things about you. Are you a warm hearted person? Do you make others laugh? Do you have strong legs? A pretty smile? Beautiful eyes?

I have worked with so many different people with different insecurities and they all come back to the same thing. I always say, "I can relate" and maybe they don't understand HOW I relate to them. Well, Let me fill you in. See, you see me from a distance, as in this picture. You see me as someone who workouts our, cares about my health and is in decent shape. When I look at me I see something different. I will tell you this, When I hear someone tell me they hate the way their clothes look on them or they just want to feel comfortable in their own skin..I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.

The ME you don't see is the one that may be just like you. The one who goes into the closet and tries on 80% of the clothes in there and doesn't like how the clothes fit so I end up wearing stretchy clothes. The one who fight the night time cravings and sometimes STILL given in to them in the wee hours of the night. The one who looks at others and wishes she could look like that one or the other one. The one who has tried to outworkout a BAD diet. These are things you may not see about me from a distance but the more people I work with, the more I realize a lot of us are just the same.

Now, I try my best not to stress over it all but I do have my days as I am sure you do to. I can honestly say that by becoming a BeachBody Coach I have made some great transformations, not so much with weight loss BUT emotionally and mentally. I pretty much try not to focus on being like someone else or hating myself because of my flaws, I have turned my focus into just tying to be better than I was yesterday. Did I do one more rep? Did I make one more person smile today? Have I been a better mom today? A better wife or friend?

Am I perfect? NO. Will I ever be? I sure hope not, that's boring! I just want to be ME and feel comfortable being that so now, that is what I am focusing on. Don't get me wrong, I still have my days but with all the positive people and things in my life right now, it is pretty easy to redirect my focus onto something positive about myself.


It's time for you to do the same. Be YOU for YOU and no one else. Don't pick yourself apart, be content with who you are right now while becoming what you are working for, whatever that may be. Love yourself first because if you don't, no matter what you try to do you'll always end up with those same feelings of self doubt and insecurity. Be YOU and go with it!!

Be comfortable with who you are, perfectly imperfect!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Workout Wednesday

Total Body Cardio
Get a full body workout in half the time by just going through this workout 2 to 3 times.
Trust me, that's all you'll need.

Find the rest of this 7 Day Program on

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shakeology is Affordable, I Promise.... I'll Show You How.

I hear “ I can’t afford Shakeology” all the time.

 I get it. I used to say the same thing.
Let me ask you this...
 Do you drink Starbucks?
 Eat fast food?
 Do you get mani’s and pedi’s?


Redirect that money into your health my friends!!

Trust me, I wasn't always into health and fitness.
I used to smoke and drink back in the day. That's where most of my money went.
- I drank Coke by the cans..
- I bought more food in packages than the outside aisles
- Check labels? How do you read one of these things?
- I bought whatever I could get for 1.00 with my COUPONS!!
- I never even looked at the INGREDIENTS. What are those things?
- I went through drive thru's because someone had practice and I was in a rush.
- I thought eating healthy was WAY too expensive...
- I drank slim fast when I went on a "diet", sadly it was in my High School days.

I questioned what was in Shakeology.. RAW, WHOLE, SUPERFOODS... but now that I know what I KNOW about food, chemicals and CRAP the FDA allows in our food, I laugh at my backward thought process.
I didn’t need to do much research on it. I have seen first hand what it does for people. I have seen cholesterol levels come down, blood sugar levels stabilize, weight loss. I have seen people come off of RA meds, IBS meds, Meds for ulcers, cholesterol meds and many more. I have seen people with chronic inflammation issues with reduced pain. I’m not saying it's a miracle drink BUT if this is what happens when someone drinks it on a daily basis then to me, it’s worth the investment. There is a 100% money back guarantee!!

If you have held back from Shakeology because you don't know what's in it... I'd like to challenge you to know everything you are ALREADY putting into your body.

- If you are not taking a RAW vitamin, it's synthetic.. research how much you absorb of that investment.....Sometimes what they say is in there REALLY ISN’T!

I only preach when I'm passionate about something and if there is one thing that irks me is when someone comes to me overweight, tired, down in the dumps and feeling helpless yet responds with ... "I just can't afford it but, I'll do some research..."
Research Starbucks, Research Fast Food Chains, Research the condiments you use daily in your refrigerator or the scripts you fill from your doctors. Research the energy drinks, quick gimmicks or fads....Research the alcohol you consume when having a great time with your friends... Research how arsenic is being added into certain feed to poultry so it will give an illusion of healthy coloring & a plump appearance... that the FDA approved.. Research the bowl of cereal you pour your child in the morning or the pop tart they grab as a snack.
I am all for someone researching but, make sure you are researching every area of your life.
I'm also all about moderation however. I will say now that I do know what I know, I pay very close attention to the small details. Sure, we go out to eat from time to time we're not perfect but things are different  for our entire family. I owe it to my family to do the homework on what comes into our house.

I couldn’t afford Shakeology either, so I only used it for a month at first .I even tried some other weight loss/protein meal replacement shakes. Nothing compared at all.  I realized that I actually MISSED it when I didn’t have it but I continued to go without it, for about a year, because..”I couldn't’ afford it”. I realized it was the one thing that was missing from my diet. I found a way to afford it and became a coach and will never look back.

What you put into your body today will greatly impact the life you have in the future.
I'm not saying everyone is going to DIE without Shakeology or you life will not be complete. I'm simply saying if you can't afford the investment into your health... swap it for another investment which is, cutting out all of the other crap.

 You’re already spending the money on CRAP.

C- Chemicals
R- Refined sugar
A- Artificial sweeteners & colors
P- Processed foods

If you can't afford the daily dose of superfoods I would be more than happy to help you find a way to afford it or even help you in other ways.

Set some time aside and go label reading happy.
I can almost promise you that you'll get the same feelings I did. It grossed me out, I was in a panic at one time thinking I was doing my family so wrong by feeding them this garbage. I actually felt guilty. Now, I have done some research and have changes a lot of what we eat.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Here's a quick little workout that will get your legs nice and warm along with your core.

Don't forget to get your other leg with the lunges. This would mean you have to go through the workout AT LEAST 2 times :)

Be sure to keep your weight in your heels while you are doing the squats and make sure your knees do NOT go out over your toes. Keep your abs held in nice and tight.

Keep your back heel off the floor while doing the lunges and be sure BOTH knees come to a 90 degree angle as you go into your lunges.